30 Jan

YAY! You’ve survived ASB registration! Congrats to everyone who signed up, especially those who signed up for our trip! Remember that the wait list opened at 12 p.m. (47 minutes ago), so if you didn’t get the trip you wanted, make sure you get yourself wait listed!!

Also, a big thanks to all those who came out to the ASB Benefit Concert last night. It was a grand time, we had over 200 hundred people attend, and all the performances were fantastic. A very special thanks to Reputation’s Records for booking Gentlemen Hall – they were absolutely amazing.


Nancy, our wonderful contact at Terrell Lane Middle School, recently informed me that we might get a chance to work with the Boys’ and Girls’ Club in addition to tutoring the kids at the M.S.!!! Jason and I are both super excited about this, and if you’re on our trip, YOU SHOULD BE TOO!!



29 Jan

Everyone should come check out our Fundraising Concert TONIGHT @ 8:30 @ BU CENTRAL!!

Performers include:

Gentlemen Hall (band)
Slow Kids (sketch comedy group)
The BosTones (a’capella)
Soulstice (dance group)


My LOVELY & HALRIOUS CoCo Jason will be hosting the event along with Martin Nolan (who is slightly less funny than Jason).

It’s going to be a lovely time, and there will be dollar slice pizza brought to you by Campus Foods!


Forecast for Louisburg, NC

27 Jan

Are you jealous?



27 Jan

Hello Prospective ASBers!

Registration is this SUNDAY @ 8 A.M. – so get your morning coffee ready. Here’s what’s going down:

  • Registration link – will be active at 8 A.M.
  • You will need to make a $175 deposit at the time of registration
  • If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, you will need to upload an essay describing your need and interested in ASB by Monday, Jan. 31st by 5:00pm
  • An electronic wait-list will become available at 12 P.M the day of registration.  You will need to re-sign-in at that time to be placed on the list.
  • Please email or call 617-353-4710 with any questions (our phones will be on during the registration process)
  • Check the CSC Twitter and/or Facebook for any updates or questions during the registration process

Hope you’re all SUPER EXCITED. And if you’re really stressed out by this process, here’s something special just for you:


Jason & Fu

Take This Poll & Get Involved

3 Dec

All about Louisburg, NC

27 Nov

March 12th – 20th, 2011: a group of enthusiastic volunteers/chaperon will embark on a 12-hour drive to Lousiburg, NC for the best week of their lives!

Where are we volunteering?
Louisburg, NC is a quaint town of roughly 3,000 people. We will be going to Terrell Lane M.S. (Home of the Tornadoes) to work with teachers and staff to tutor students in their academics, coach after school sports, and paint a mural. There are about 500 – 600 students in grades 6, 7, and 8. Not only will we tutor these students, but we will make a difference in their lives and serve as a mentor, even if it’s only for a week.

Where are we staying?
We are staying with the Sayles family, who are anything but a typical southern family. Paige and Al Sayles’s four children are all off to college or in the military (and they really miss having kids in the house). They are currently hosing a 15 year-old Korean exchange student. Also, they have about a million pets – one of which is a Chihuahua.

Where are we eating?
The Sayles family will provide a few meals, along with the local church. There will also be a potluck with the Terrell Lane M.S. band! And of course, some major cooking endeavors.

Our trip to Louisburg is one of the two oldest ASB trips in the BU Community Service Center history. And every year, each group brings their own special dynamic to this friendly town. Let’s keep up the tradition and build upon the past few decades of mentoring and role modeling!

Agganis Clean-up

27 Nov

On Saturday night (11.20.10), the entire ASB crew got together after the BU vs. New Hampshire Men’s Hockey game to clean the Agganis arena as a fund raising event. Believe it or not, cleaning the arena was quite demanding. But Jason and I found the time for a short break to have a little fun. Here’s us sneaking out onto the ice.


Disclaimer: no ASB Cos were injured during the shooting of these photographs.